Cricket Scorer+ for Android Customer Reviews:


Very nifty app

Thanks dude! Test drove the app and I think this will work great in our next match. Haven't figured all out yet, but is there a way to put on the scoring page a comaparison where the 1st batting team was in runs at the same point and how many runs needed to win. Just a thought...


Have a small problem in that some games continue after win (for bonus points system). App doesn't seem to allow this.

Very good app.

Will be excellent when able to add players on the go rather going to edit team each time during a match. Allowing batters to bat again after being will be fantastic as well.


Excellent app and top class support!

Worst app on android 4.1

None of the functionality working on my Google nexus.My money is totally wasted, getting lot of null pointer exception on my device.

The best and most intuitive app for Android

This app is, in my opinion, by far the easiest to use of any cricket scoring application that I have found for Android. It will not take many minutes to learn how to use it as it is extremely intuitive. Far easier than others. OK it does not export to Play cricket or give live updates on the internet or operate scoreboards but for the vast majority of users it is great with export to HTML and Excel as well as the ability to Tweet at intervals set by yourself and automatically share to other apps. Finally I had a quick question and emailed Tim Carter at 19:27 one evening and had a comprehensive reply at 21:21 the same evening. Top class support for a fine app.


This is a brilliant app. It is user friendly not just the app in itself but the developer, Tim Carter, always answers courteously. You will not be disappointing to pay the small fee for this work of brilliance.

Excellent App

Downloaded this app the other week and it was brilliant, apart from no landscape option for the Transformer Prime. Emailed Tim, and by the end of the week it was available - so can be used when docked in the keypad. Great app - better than TCS in my opinion


One of the best app for cricket scoring. This app contains lots of thing you won't find in any other app. The developer is very very responsive. I suggested him 3-4 changes and within 5-6 days he released the new version with all those changes.

Tablet version

Please bring on the tablet version i love the app and use on my asus transformer prime but its not easy

Great job

Excellent app

I've tried a lot of apps on the Google Play store, and this is the best of them. Excellent functionality, and getting better all the time with an excellent developer. Tip: you need to play around with it - don't try and use it straightaway in a match!


What a classy and genuinely useful app. User-friendly and powerful - a rare combo. Wider options for kids cricket would be fab but I wont dock a star for that.

The best app & The best developer

I think your hunt for cricket scoring app will end here as it just can't get any better then this. I had a question regarding this app contacted the developer and in matter of minutes i had the answer. Keep up the great work Tim.. u and the app rock!!!!

Great app

RE review by "The": Good news, you can already do both of these requests in the app. * Required run rate is shown in title bar of app when the second team are batting. * Long tap on batsmen in the "Runs" tab to retire them (have to retire hurt, developer has retiring for other reasons on his public to do list) . They can resume batting again when a wicket falls.

Awesome App

Request. In junior cricket a batsman is "retired not out" when he gets to 50 runs to give other batters a chance to bat. (ie- he is NOT out and therefore does not count as a wicket taken). If all batters are out before the overs are completed the "retired" batter is allowed to return to the field and continue until he is out or the overs are finished. Could you include this feature to "retire" a batter and then return him later? A truly awesome app - well done. Request. Is it possible to also show the RequiredRunRate?

Great app

stars above X2

Classic - this will be your last stop, absolutely spot on... ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Best cricket scoring app there is

I used the free version, was part of the BETA testing, and happily paid for the new version. This is just an amazing application, I use it to score while I’m umpiring on the field, and after the game I email the scorecard (with wagon wheels) to my U9 team members. Once again Tim, congratulations on this extraordinary application.


Can we have an action "Retired"? Happens regularly in kids cricket.

Beta tested this. It was a great free app and has even more functionality as a paid version! To cap it off, the developer is very keen to listen to suggestions for improvements and to iron out bugs quickly. Would highly recommend! (HTC Desire HD)